ALLE is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides professional services of preclinical trials and consulting in the area of product development, registration and technology transfer for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Institutions of Science and Technology


We work with tests of proof of concept, mechanism of action and pharmacokinetic profile of the substances.

ALLE uses SPF (specific pathogen free) animals from the Center for Experimental Biological Models (CeMBE) PUCRS. Below are the main models offered by ALLE, other models can be performed on demand:


Central Nervous System

• General CNS activity: open field, beam walking, tetrad test, rectal temperature, barbiturate interaction, rotarod.

• Depression: forced swimming test, tail suspension test, marble burying, LPS-induced sickness behavior.

• Anxiety: elevated plus-maze, light-dark box, marble burying, tigmotactism.

• Psychosis: apomorphine climbing, prepulse inhibition (PPI), catalepsy.

• Cognition and dementia: Morris water maze, passive avoidance, object recognition.

Pain & Inflammation

• Hot plate, tail flick, acetic acid writhing, formalin test,  von Frey hair test.


• Phamacological antagonism in vivo, ELISA, flow cytometry, real time RT-PCR, immunohistochemistry.


Pharmacokinetics In Vitro

• Absorption: Physico -chemical  analysis, Lipophilicity(log P) e Aqueous solubility, Stability on biological matrices, Permeability on artificial membranes

• Distribution:  Biding to plasmatic proteins, Constant of dissociation (Kd)

• Metabolism:  Characterization of metabolites in vitro; Metabolite stability

Pharmacokinetics In Vivo

• Pilot studies: Determination of basic parameter of PK, Identification of the main metabolites

• Complete pharmacokinetics on animals (ADME):  Dose proportion, Distribution at the organs, Mass balance, Routes of metabolism and excretion.